Fighting for Accountability, Transparency, Autonomy, Democracy.

It's time for SHIFT CHANGE!

  • Don’t forget, ballots go out to members April 5th, must be received in Oakland by May 17.

SHIFT CHANGE Advocates for the fostering of a highly informed, educated, and empowered union membership, enabling nurses to achieve the greatest possible vision of a powerful Rank and file led union, through new higher standards of organizational awareness, governance, and representation, guided by the values of Accountability, Transparency, Autonomy, and Democracy.

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Meet the Team

Our Platform


We Believe,
Both elected and rank and file leadership have the responsibility to ensure nurses receive optimum representation, and the necessary support, education, and training to successfully organize, advocate, and successfully fight together, in their workplace, their communities and beyond, supported and facilitated by directors and staff.

Creating a new clearly defined organizational code of ethics and conduct, and measurable professional performance standards, will ensure the highest quality of leadership and representation for the membership.


We Believe,
Nurses have a right to know how their union works. Membership must be empowered with knowledge, so they are enabled to participate in their own union effectively and fairly. Nurses must have access to ALL active and enforceable bylaws, rules, and or policies and procedures that outline union practices of governance, collective bargaining agreements, elections, and organizational structure.

Trust is earned and maintained through consistent truthful communications, and effective notification to the membership of ALL union, and workplace, meetings, and actions so they may attend and actively


We believe,
Ours is a union Of the Nurses, By the Nurses, For the Nurses.

Nurse leaders are elected by the membership who serve to effectively support, and accurately reflect, the opinions and will of the Nurse membership.

Rank and file nurses must be provided with the genuine ability to independently effect change in their own union. Amendments, and or, additions to existing bylaws, must be supported by a functional, public, and democratic applications and review process.


We believe,
Democracy is Power, and Free speech is the lifeblood of any Democracy.

Union nurses must be empowered to effectively guide and shape the work of their union. All union elections, (local, state, and national), must be effectively advertised to the entire membership a year in advance, giving nurses sufficient time to be properly educated, organize, campaign, and engage in discussion and debate for elected positions. Every eligible nurse must directly receive a Consent to Serve, and ballot to vote.

All union nurses should have a voice in the union and be able to express their thoughts, opinions, and points of view, even opposing ones, without fear of retaliation, subjugation, intimidation, or censorship by leadership, staff, or peers.